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Welcome to! A part of the Etchmaster Resouce Center.

We welcome you to our newest website where you will find everything imaginable having to do with pre-cut stencils and designs. Many have asked us for some time to create a site like this one and we have finally done it! On this site you will find answers to your questions about types of resist, design styles matching specific blasting techniques, re-sizing designs, mixing and matching various existing design elements, and last, but not least, learn more about our graphics services through which we will create stencils from your very own art work. But maybe more important than anything is this: now you can see and purchase a vast collection of our designs in several standard sizes directly online! You can also submit a form to get a quote for custom work. Being an artist myself, I had to learn that there is no shame in using today's technology to make my life easier. With pre-cut stencils you too can eliminate much time otherwise spent on enlarging, tracing and hand-cutting your designs. And should you ever have the need to produce several panels with the same design, there simply is no other way to do it efficiently. After 40 years in the decorative glass business I think I know what I am talking about. And that is also your added bonus: you are talking to experienced glass etchers and graphic designers. We also want to point out to you that these stencils can be used on other materials, such as ceramics, wood, stone and metal, as well as painting masks for airbrushing, spray-painting and roll-on stenciling. Well, I hope this gets your juices flowing. That's how we offer something for all creative minds. Let us show you. Please explore the various categories on this site. We are trying to provide concise information on each topic with optional buttons for more in-depth descriptions if desired and links to our main web-site Feel free to submit questions or comments at any time.

What is a Pre-cut Stencil?

Pre-cut stencils are constructed out of three layers: the actual self-adhesive cut resist, the silicone release paper (often called backing paper) the resist is applied to by the manufacturer which remains un-cut, and an additional masking tape-like layer we apply to the stencil after the cutting process, which we call the cover sheet. The backing paper has the job of protecting the sticky side of the stencil. It keeps the resist/stencil from sticking to everything until you are ready to remove it from the backing paper for application to your object. The cover sheet has the job of keeping the pre-cut stencil in tact while you peel off the backing paper and apply it; without the cover sheet, the cut stencil would fall apart when the backing paper is removed.

Why EtchMaster Precut Stencils?

We would like to think that you would prefer getting advise and designs from people who also actually do the work and understand what is important when creating projects and what is essential in creating respective designs. We offer you our forty years of experience. You may also be familiar with the two pattern books: Glass Etching Surface Techniques and Designs and Glass Etching II: Carving Techniques and Designs, by Norm Dobbins and Debra Oxley, as well as the hard cover book Etched Glass Techniques and Designs by Norm & Ruth Dobbins. Between the three books they contain a couple of hundred designs for surface etching, carving or shading. All of the designs from these books are available as pre-cut stencils from us and you won't find them anywhere else. They are part of our Design System, which contains another 850 designs.